R. Ashwin reacts after he retires himself

R. Ashwin: 10 April Lucknow Super Giants and Rajasthan Royals A new rule was found to be seen in the match between The rule of which hardly anyone would know. In this match, Rajasthan Royals batsman R. Ashwin retired himself during Rajasthan’s innings. Since then, questions have been raised on him as to why he did this. Now recently R Ashwin has given his reaction about this.

R. Ashwin broke after himself retired out

R. Ashwin

R Ashwin while talking to Cricbuzz said that cricket is a team game after he retired himself in the match played against Lucknow Super Giants. At the same time, R Ashwin also believes that T20 game is almost the same as football. Talking to Cricbuzz, Ashwin said,

“It was a matter of moment. It is a team game, which we often forget in excitement, but then it is an important aspect of the game which we have not considered. T20 is a team game as we all know. It’s almost like football. Goal-scorers are like your opener or wicket-taker, but they are worth it only when your goalkeeper or defender is ready to do so and he decides. ,

R. Ashwin retires himself

R. Ashwin Retired Hurt RR vs LSGR. Ashwin Retired Hurt RR vs LSG

Yesterday i.e. on April 10, Rajasthan Royals and Lucknow Super Giants got to see a new rule in the match. In fact, in the match played against Lucknow, Ravichandran Ashwin retired himself. To get Ravichandran Ashwin to bat in difficult conditions where he could stop the falling wickets, Ashwin did this job very well.

But there was a need to score quick runs in the last over. That’s why Ashwin decided to go out of the field by himself being retired. Till then he had scored 28 runs in 23 balls, making Ashwin the first player to do so in IPL. Even as per the Laws of Cricket, R Ashwin had done nothing wrong as the book of rules of cricket allows himself to retire out.