Raees Mohammad passed away, cricket world engulfed in mourning

Pakistan Cricket Raees Mohammad, former first class cricketer of Pakistan Cricket, has said goodbye to this world. Rais Mohammed passed away on Monday 14 February. This has been confirmed by his brother and former Pakistan Test cricketer Sadiq Mohammad himself. Raees had been ill for a long time, and used to try to fight against his illness every day, but on Monday he was defeated and a great cricketer from amongst all of us (Raees Mohammad) took a break.

On February 14, Raees Mohammad said goodbye to everyone

The entire cricket world is engrossed in grief at the moment due to the departure of Pakistan’s former First Class cricketer Raees Mohammad. Even though he could never represent his country in international cricket, but in spite of this, he has earned a lot of name by performing brilliantly in first-class cricket.

Let us tell you that Raees had 4 more brothers. These five brothers were professional cricketers. Not only this, but 4 out of 5 brothers have also represented the Pakistan Test Team. The vizier was the eldest of them all. Although Hanif has earned the highest name among these five brothers. While Mushtaq Mohammad and Sadiq Mohammad have also represented the Pakistan cricket team in Test cricket. The Mohammad family is a very well-known family in Pakistan cricket. Sadiq Mohammad, brother of Raees Mohammad has said that, ‘Raees bhai passed away this morning.’

Raees Mohammad’s performance in cricket

Raees Mohammad

Let us tell you that Raees Mohammad has never played international cricket, but he has played 30 matches of first class cricket between 1948 and 1963. In which he has scored 1344 runs, along with Raees also scored 2 centuries and his best batting score is 118 not out in his first class career. Apart from this, Raees Mohammad also used to bowl, he was a leg spinner and he has also taken 33 wickets. His best bowling figure is 4/82 during this period.

Apart from this, Rais Mohammad was born on 25 December 1932 in Junagadh State during the British era. He was a very capable straight-arm batsman and also occasionally bowled leg spin. It is a pity that this legendary player passed away yesterday from all of us. However, even though Raees Mohammad has left this world, he will always be in the hearts of all of us.