Rahul Dravid used to make sure players get a chance

Former Indian Cricket Team Batsman Rahul Dravid (Rahul Dravid) continued to serve Indian cricket even after retiring from cricket. He coached India’s youth team i.e. Under-19 and India ‘A’ team for years. It would not be wrong to say that Rahul Dravid has been a major contributor to the bench strength that is discussed today. Now the former veteran has revealed that he used to tell the young players in advance that if he gets a chance to play one match or the other with him in the India ‘A’ team touring team, which was not the case in his time. .

Rahul Dravid used to ensure the opportunity

former indian legend Rahul Dravid (Rahul Dravid) has coached the young players of India for many years. Even though he no longer tours with India’s A team and Under-19 team. But now he has revealed that he used to make sure the players going on tour that they get a chance to play one match or the other. According to ESPNcricinfo,

“I used to tell them in advance that if you came with me on ‘A’ team tour, then you will not leave here without playing a match. When I used to play at the junior level, I had my own experiences. It used to be very bad to go on ‘A’ team tour and not get a chance to play matches.”

keep up the good work

When young players become part of the Under-19 team and India’s A team, they have to capitalize on the opportunity they get. Talking further on this, Rahul Dravid said,

“You do well. You score 700-800 runs. You go with the team and you don’t get a chance to show your ability there. Then you have to score those 800 runs again in the next season to grab the attention of the selectors. This isn’t easy to do, so there’s no guarantee you’ll get a chance again. So you have to tell the players in the beginning that these are the best 15 players and we will play with them. Even if it’s not the best XI. At the U-19 level, we can make 5-6 changes between matches.

Rahul Dravid’s big contribution in strengthening the bench strength

Rahul Dravid

Today India’s bench strength is discussed all over the world, because whenever the player gets the opportunity, he gives his best to capitalize on it. Mohammed Siraj, Shubman Gill on Australia tour washington beautifulPlayers like , T Natarajan, Navdeep Saini got the opportunity and they played an important role in winning the Test series by capitalizing them. Most of the credit for this bench strength goes to Rahul Dravid.

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