Raj Kundra Arrest Case: Sources keep getting connected, Raj Kundra gets trapped; Full Story of Shilpa Shetty’s Husband’s Dirty Picture

Film actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra has been sent to police custody till July 23 in connection with the production of pornographic films. Along with him, one of his partner Ryan Thorpe has also been arrested and sent to police custody. On Tuesday, accused Raj Kundra was presented in the sessions court in Mumbai. The court, accepting the demand of the crime branch’s police, sent Raj Kundra to police custody. Raj has been shifted to Byculla Jail in Mumbai. After getting the custody, the police keep the accused here and interrogate them. But initially the hands of the police were not so long that they would reach Raj Kundra’s neck. Waiting for the full six months and in-depth investigation has been done in these six months. Meanwhile, some members of the Investigation Team and the accused also had to pass through Corona. But after these six months of hard work, the police managed to collect evidence and Raj Kundra could be arrested on Monday night.

This story starts from the month of February this year. The property cell of Police Crime Branch received information on the morning of 6 February that a pornographic film was being shot in the name of webseries in Green Park Bungalow of Madh Island in Malad area of ​​Mumbai. The police immediately swung into action and raids were conducted at the spot. At the time of the raid, the shooting of an obscene scene was going on on a bed. The police immediately detained five people who shot and busted a big racket. Two actors, a graphic designer woman, a photographer and a cameraman were found at the scene.

Bollywood sources started joining from here

There were two women leading this entire team. One of them was Roya Khan aka Yasmin. During interrogation of Roya Khan, it was found that she has made more than 50 pornographic films. Roya Khan is a photographer by profession. Another woman Pratibha Nalawade is also the production in-charge of pornographic films and also a graphic designer. The name of the cameraman, Monu Joshi, surfaced. Apart from this, the accused named Bhanu Thakur and Mohammad Nasir were given the work of acting.

The story opened with the arrest of TV actress Gehana Vashistha.

In these arrests, a day later, the name of TV actress and host Gehna Vasishth surfaced. Gehna was accused of uploading obscene videos and uploading them on social media. It was told that Gehna has shot a total of 80 to 90 such videos and posted them on their websites. Videos on these websites could be seen by subscribing for two-three thousand rupees. Gehna Vashisht’s real name is Vandana Tiwari and she hails from Chhattisgarh. Gehana has worked in the TV show ‘Behen’. Jewel has also been the winner of Miss Asia Bikini Contest in 2012.

Gehna Vashisht had revealed the truth in the interrogation that the businessman husband of a big Bollywood actress was behind the pornography business she was involved in. When the investigation progressed, the names of many more models came to the fore. The pornographic films that were being shot with all these models were being done in different bungalows located in Mud Island, Mumbai.

Only one place of shooting, was aiming towards Bollywood

Due to the shooting happening in different bungalows of Mud, the police suspected that there are bungalows of big film stars, directors and producers. On this suspicion, the police intensified their investigation and investigation. Gradually, the wires of this investigation reached Surat in Gujarat. Mumbai Crime Branch’s property cell police arrested a 40-year-old man named Tanveer Hashmi from Surat, Gujarat. Tanveer used to upload pornographic films on different OTT apps. Meanwhile, another arrest had been made.

The police then told that a person named Umesh Kamat, who worked as a managing director in the company of the husband of a big heroine, has been arrested. Along with this, the police has caught Shan Banerjee alias Divankar Khasnavis, the operator of the Hothit Movies app. Including Tanveer Hashmi, 9 arrests had been made in this regard so far.

The name kept popping up again and again, there was no solid evidence to be found.

Meanwhile, some models and actresses have complained about forcibly shooting obscene films under duress. There were also complaints that the contract in English was explained differently in Hindi and when the actress refused to shoot at the time of shooting, she was demanded Rs 10 lakh as compensation. That’s why he was forced to compromise and had to say yes to doing obscene scenes. In these cases of racket of pornographic films, the name of the husband of a big actress was repeatedly jumping in front of the police. But the police could not find any solid evidence. In such a situation, during the investigation, a WhatsApp chat came in the hands of the police, which opened all the secrets of Raj Kundra and also prepared the way for his arrest.

Evidence found from Watts chat, arrangements have been made to arrest Raj Kundra

This whatsapp chat group had 5 members. Among them, the name of Pradeep Bakshi, a relative of Raj Kundra from London, surfaced. This WhatsApp chat revealed how Raj Kundra used to monitor the entire business from the production of pornographic films to their distribution. In the chat, Raj Kundra is talking to Pradeep Bakshi to release such a movie every week. In this WhatsApp chat it was revealed that films were shot. Raj Kundra used to get it uploaded on OTT platforms from Pradeep Bakshi in London through V Transfer.

After the arrest, Umesh Kamat had confessed in the interrogation that the owner of the company through which all this game was run is Raj Kundra. Umesh Kamat was the representative of this kenrin production house in India and it gives contracts and funds to many agents for porn films of the company. That is, this entire racket was spread from Mumbai to London via Surat. The police had got evidence in the WhatsApp chat that not only does Raj Kundra have a direct hand in this entire racket, but he is the mastermind of this entire racket.

Such was the arrest of Raj Kundra and got police custody till July 23

On the basis of the evidence of Raj Kundra’s direct hand and the complaints of some models and actresses, the Mumbai Crime Branch police on Monday summoned Raj Kundra. After Raj Kundra’s appearance, the police interrogated him for a few hours and then arrested Raj Kundra on Monday night. After this, another partner of Raj Kundra, Ryan Thorpe was arrested from Nerul in Navi Mumbai. He is the IT head of Raj Kundra’s company. In this way, 11 arrests have been made in this entire case so far.

Raj and Ryan were produced in the fort court on Tuesday. The court sent Raj Kundra to police custody till July 23. At present, Raj Kundra is kept in Byculla Jail in Mumbai under police custody. Now it remains to be seen what more truth comes out till the end of police custody and what punishment the court will give to Raj Kundra (if proven guilty) in this case.


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