Raj Kundra was divorced from Kavita after three years of marriage, ex-wife told Shilpa Shetty ‘home breaker’

Bollywood’s famous actress Shilpa Shetty rules among the fans. Shilpa married businessman Raj Kundra in the year 2009. The pair of Shilpa and Raj is very much liked among the fans. But do you know, Shilpa had married Raj Kundra for the first time but it was the second marriage for Raj Kundra.

Even though Shilpa and Raj are the parents of two children today, and are living a happy life, but before Shilpa, Raj was married to Kavita and both had a daughter. But the marriage of both did not last long, in the year 2006, Raj and Kavita got divorced.

came close to shilpa

According to media reports, Raj had cheated on Kavita (raj kundra wife) because of Shilpa Shetty. It is said that when Raj was in love with Shilpa, his wife Kavita was pregnant. However, after the delivery of the poem, Raj Kundra divorced his wife. Kavita herself later accused Shilpa of breaking the marriage.

Kavita had leveled allegations against Shilpa Shetty

After divorce from Raj Kundra, Kavita Kundra not only called Shilpa a ‘Home Breaker’. Rather, along with this, he had also made many allegations against Shilpa. According to the poem, after growing close to Shilpa, Raj started pressurizing her for divorce.

Raj Kundra accuses first wife

Some time ago, after years of divorce, Raj Kundra made many shocking revelations about his first wife. Raj recently said in an interview that he did not divorce Kavita because of Shilpa Shetty’s husband. Both of them separated because Kavita had a relationship with her sister’s husband i.e. her brother-in-law.

Kavita and Raj got married in 2003

Let us tell you that Raj Kundra and Kavita got married in 2003 after a long relationship. Kavita used to come from the business family of London. Although Kavita and Raj’s marriage did not last long, both of them separated after 3 years. Both were divorced in December 2006. Raj married Shilpa Shetty in 2009, three years after the divorce.

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