Raj Kundra’s lawyer’s statement came, said- the content was vulgar, but cannot put it in the category of obscene

Mumbai Police arrested Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra late on Monday night. They have arrested Raj for making obscene films and showing them through some apps. The arrest of Raj has shocked the entire Bollywood industry. Many updates are coming about Raj one after the other and everyone is quite shocked by it. Let us inform that Raj and his partner Ryan Tharp have been sent to judicial custody till 23 July.

According to the Times of India report, on Tuesday, Raj’s lawyer told the court that it is not right to call the content pornography. Nothing in this remand has shown that both the men Raj and Ryan were making pornographic content. The content was vulgar, but it cannot be called obscene.

On Raj’s arrest, the lawyer further said, ‘The arrest was to be made when the investigation could not have proceeded without him, but after his arrest in this case, he was investigated.’ Raj’s lawyer also said that his arrest was not in accordance with the law.

Was the plan for live streaming

According to the report of Times Now, after the arrest of Raj, Mumbai Police has received some such evidence that it is known that Raj was planning to do live streaming of pornographic content in the coming times. According to reports, it has also come to the fore that Raj wanted to make the adult business as big as the Bollywood industry.

Now how true this thing is, only the Mumbai Police can tell by finding out.

Shilpa has no role in this

After the arrest of Raj, the same question was arising in everyone’s mind that did Shilpa know about this? Or did Shilpa also have a role in it? Mumbai Police has answered these questions.

Milind, Joint Commissioner of Mumbai Police, said during the press conference that he has not seen any role of Shilpa in this case. He said, ‘We have not got any active role of Shilpa yet. However the investigation is still on. We appeal to the victims to come forward and contact Crime Branch Mumbai. We will take appropriate action.

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