Rajamouli’s son breaks silence on rumors of RRR team buying Oscars

SS Rajamouli Son Karthikeya On Buying Oscar: SS Rajamouli’s son Karthikeya has broken the silence on the rumors that the RRR team had bought the Oscar.

Ram Charan, SS Rajamouli and Jr. NTR

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SS Rajamouli Son Karthikeya On Buying Oscar: Film RRR songs of natu-natu To oscar After the meeting, there was an atmosphere of happiness everywhere, congratulations were received by the film’s team, while on the other hand, in some reports, it was also said that the RRR team spent Rs 80 crores on the promotion for the Oscars. Now Kartikeya, son of SS Rajamouli has broken the silence on this.

In a recent interview, he said about Oscar, “It is an institution with a long history of 95 years. Whatever happens, happens according to a process. Can we buy people’s love? Fans have given us a lot of publicity.

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Was 80 crores spent on Oscar promotion?

On the expenditure of Rs 80 crores in the promotion, Kartikeya told that his plan was that those people should cover the things in 5 crores only, but by the end, the expenditure of Rs 8.5 crores came. He told that most of the money was spent on the screening of the film, in which voters also participated.

Were you involved in the ceremony by paying

Kartikeya also talked about it, in which it was being said that the team spent a lot of money to attend the ceremony. He told that, “Ram Charan, Jr. NTR, Keeravani, Chandra Bose had received official invitations. Each nominee had some seats, which he could give to the people who came with him. But the Academy Awards had to be mailed to tell who all were coming together.”

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Kartikeya further said, “There were different classes of seats, for which you had to pay. We had given 1500 dollars i.e. about 1 lakh 23 thousand rupees for one seat at the bottom level and 750 dollars i.e. 61 thousand rupees for four seats at the top. All these things happened officially.