Raju, Rancho and Farhan came together, video of Aamir-Madhavan and Sharman went viral

Bollywood actor Sharman Joshi’s film ‘Congratulations’ has been released on the previous day. The trio of ‘Three Idiots’ appeared together for the promotion of this film. The video of Aamir Khan, R Madhavan and Sharman Joshi is going viral everywhere.

Aamir Sharman Madhavan

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Bollywood actor Sharman Joshi (Sharman Joshi) For the last several days, he has been in constant discussion about his film ‘Congratulations’. This is a Gujarati film for the promotion of which Sharman has adopted a special and unique way. In fact, while promoting his film ‘Congratulations’, the actor has shared a video. This video has caught everyone’s attention. Along with Sharman, Aamir Khan and R Madhavan are also seen in the video.

This video shared by Sharman Jodi is going viral very fast on social media. In this video, the trio of ‘Three Idiots’ is seen together after a long time. Means Raju, Rancho and Farhan, seeing whom the fans are not happy. It can be seen in the shared video that in the beginning Sharman is seen shooting a video. In this, he is making a video for his film ‘Congratulations’, as soon as he starts, Madhavan comes there.

As soon as Madhavan arrives, he hugs him and asks what are you doing, to which Sharman tells him that he is making a video for ‘Congratulations’. Then he says you are well made, and he stands behind. Sharman starts making videos again when Aamir Khan comes there and disturbs him again. Aamir also asks the same question and Sharman tells him that he is making a video for ‘Congratulations’. His film is releasing today.

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Then Aamir Khan also stands behind him. Sharman makes videos again, but sometimes Aamir and sometimes Sharman are seen troubling him. In the end, Sharman leaves after picking up his camera. This is a funny promotion video. While sharing this video, the actor wrote in the caption that, Three Idiots are promoting Congratulations. Which is releasing today. Everyone is liking this style of Raju, Rancho and Farhan. Seeing this pair together, their fans are demanding ‘Three Idiots 2’. tell me,