Rakhi Mother Death: Rakhi’s mother belonged to a Gujarati family, was suffering from cancer for 3 years

Rakhi Sawant Mother Death: Jai Bheda, mother of actress Rakhi Sawant, has passed away. She was battling cancer for a long time. Let us give you more information about Rakhi’s mother.

Rakhi Sawant’s mother

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Rakhi Sawant Mother Death: Rakhi Sawant Always a part of the headlines of social media. Some time ago, while sharing a video, he informed about his mother’s ill health. Along with this, he also asked the fans to pray for his mother. However, now Rakhi Sawant’s mother is no more in this world. Today i.e. on January 28, he said goodbye to this world. In such a situation, we are going to give you more information related to Rakhi Sawant’s mother.

Rakhi’s mother’s name was Jaya Bheda. She was battling brain tumor. The effect of brain tumor was also in his lungs. And then now he passed away.

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Rakhi’s mother belonged to a Gujarati family.

Rakhi Sawant’s mother belonged to a Gujarati family. Whereas Rakhi’s father Anand Sawant comes from a Marathi family. Anand Sawant was a police officer, after whose death the mother took care of Rakhi. Rakhi’s mother was battling cancer for the last three years.

Rakhi mentioned mother in Bigg Boss

Rakhi Sawant also mentioned her mother in ‘Bigg Boss’ season 14. He had told that his mother is ill, she has a problem due to which she could not come to meet him. In those days, his cancer had started and he talked to Rakhi from the hospital on a video call. Salman Khan helped Rakhi’s mother in her treatment.

Mother wanted to see Rakhi happy

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Rakhi’s mother wanted to see her happy and wanted to marry Rakhi only for her. Rakhi first married NRI businessman Ritesh, but their relationship did not last long. At the same time, it is told that Rakhi married Adil Khan for the sake of her mother. Recently, the marriage of both has been revealed. At the same time, shortly after the truth of the marriage came to the fore, Rakhi’s mother said goodbye to the world.