Rakhi Sawant Boyfriend: Boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani is 6 years younger than Rakhi Sawant, the boy’s family is against the relationship

Boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani is 6 years younger than Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant now wants to forget the old things and move forward in her life. A few days ago, he confessed in front of the paparazzi that he had fallen in love. Rakhi’s boyfriend’s name is Adil.

After separating from husband Ritesh, now Rakhi Sawant Once again love has knocked in the heart of (Rakhi Sawant). Recently Rakhi was spotted with her boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani. Rakhi herself revealed in front of the camera that Adil is her boyfriend. Interview given to Times of India In this, Rakhi has now told that she is 6 years older than her boyfriend Adil. Rakhi says I think Adil has been sent by God for me. After the breakup with Ritesh, I went into depression. I was not feeling well and Adil entered my life at such difficult times.

Rakhi was not ready for relationship

Rakhi further said that “Within a month after our first meeting, Adil proposed me. I am six years older than him and to be honest, I was not ready for this relationship at all. But he explained by giving examples of Malaika Arora-Arjun Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas. Adil said that he loves me very much and I have also fallen in love with him.

Businessman is Rakhi Sawant’s boyfriend

Let us tell you, Rakhi Sawant’s boyfriend Adil is from Mysore. Giving information about him, Rakhi said that Adil is from Mysore, he comes to Mumbai to meet me. He is a businessman. Adil gifted me a BMW in Mysore. He had called me there and I had gone there. Actually Adil is the brother of style. Shelly is a friend and business partner. Shaily introduced me to Adil and he also took my number from Shaily. Our phone conversation started. But still I am very confused.

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Adil’s family is against the relationship

Talking about her confusion, Rakhi said that I am from the entertainment industry. In my films or TV shows, I have always been seen in a glamorous person style, because of this image of me, Adil’s family is against this relationship, after this news their house has come to a storm. His family doesn’t like the way I dress. But I am ready to change myself if needed. However, no one from their side is forcing me to change. But Adil is being pressurized from all sides. That’s why I am scared, I have found love with great difficulty. I hope his family will accept me.