Rakhi Sawant is the owner of property worth so many crores, has invested heavily in property

Bollywood’s drama queen Rakhi Sawant is famous for giving her impeccable opinion on every issue. Apart from being a famous actress of the entertainment world, the actress is a great item girl. Recently, the actress also participated in Bigg Boss 14, where she thought it right to go home with Rs 14 lakh. Along with this, today we are going to tell you how much wealth Rakhi has. Rakhi has worked in Hindi as well as Telugu and Tamil films. Along with this, she has also been a part of many powerful TV serials.

Rakhi Sawant has many flats in Mumbai. He himself has said this many times in his interviews. According to media reports, most of the actress’s money comes from stage shows. Where she performs around the world. The actress has total assets of 37 crores. Along with this, he also has 2 flats in Andheri and Juhu.


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According to reports, the actress also has a bungalow worth 11 crores. At the same time, these days the actress is driving with her new Polo car. But he also has a Ford Endeavor car which is worth Rs 21 lakh. The actress took her entry in Bollywood with her film ‘Agnichakra’. After which the actress earned a lot of name with her strong item number. After which he created panic with his new show. Yes, he created his swayamvar during a show. The show, which came in 2009, was named ‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’, in this show Rakhi had also married a boy from Toronto, after which she also separated after a few days.

After this marriage, Rakhi Sawant married an NRI named Ritesh. But recently in Bigg Boss 14, the actress had told that her marriage has been forced, only after marriage her husband has left her and ran away. No one knows what is the truth but the work of Rakhi is going on.

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