Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh made serious allegations against first wife Snigdha, saying – does not talk or meet the son …

Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh grew up in Bihar, but he often stays abroad for his business. His arrival in Bigg Boss 15 was a huge surprise for all the viewers.

Ritesh made serious allegations against first wife Snigdha

Ritesh, husband of Bigg Boss 15 contestant Rakhi Sawant, has leveled several allegations against Snigdha, the first wife who accused him of domestic violence after being evicted from the show. In an interview given to Bombay Times, Ritesh has said that he has married Rakhi Sawant considering God as a witness, but he has not yet divorced from his first wife. Ritesh also blames him for separating from his first wife Snigdha.

In this interview, he has accused his wife Snigdha of having an affair and playing the woman card. He has also said that if everything goes well after taking a divorce from his first wife, then he will be legally married to Rakhi Sawant by 2022. Ritesh is also saying that I am going to hold a formal press conference to talk about the matter in detail. But for the time being I just want to know that Snigdha had filed a case of domestic violence against me in 2017. If I was so violent that I used to abuse him continuously for 4 hours, why didn’t he still divorce me?”

Ritesh has evidence against wife

Ritesh wants to ask his first wife through interview that if I am so violent and psycho, why are you not divorcing me? She is trying her best to extort money from me which she has done in the past also. I have all the information and evidence. If I beat her everyday, why would she stay with me and not file a complaint against me? We got married in 2014 and in 2017 she is saying that she has filed a complaint against me.”

Ritesh wants to meet son

Ritesh wants to divorce his first wife but he has to keep a relationship with his son. He has also said that my son has been with me for only 3 months, he does not know anything. He doesn’t know what’s going on between his parents, all he knows is that he wants to meet his father, but that cruel woman won’t let my son talk to me. She doesn’t even let my son talk to me. Now it will be interesting to see what Ritesh will reveal in his press conference.

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