Ramiz Raja again Threatens India on Asia Cup 2023, Says Can’t take hosting rights away. Rameez Raja’s rhetoric did not stop on Asia Cup, now said- Pakistan will withdraw itself…

Pakistan Cricket Board President Rameez Raja has repeatedly engaged in rhetoric on this issue ever since BCCI Secretary Jai Shah made two statements on October 18.

Pakistan has to host next year’s Asia Cup.

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The ruckus between India and Pakistan regarding next year’s Asia Cup is not taking its name. Since the statement given by the Secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Jay Shah on October 18, the head of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Rameez Raja They are continuously making statements on this issue. Once again he has tried to threaten the Indian board and has said that even if the Indian team does not come to Pakistan, he himself will be out of it if the tournament is shifted to a neutral venue.

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah had said in a statement after the Board’s Annual General Meeting in October that the Indian team will not go to Pakistan for the Asia Cup 2023 and in such a situation the tournament will be held at a neutral venue. Jai Shah is also the president of the Asian Cricket Council, which handed over the hosting of the tournament to Pakistan.

If hosting was snatched from Pakistan…

Rameez Raja again raised this issue in an interview during the Test match being played between Pakistan and England in Rawalpindi. Rameez said that they have the rights to organize the tournament and taking it away would mean that Pakistan would also withdraw from the tournament. Rameez said,

It is not that we do not have the right to organize the tournament, or we are begging to host. We have got this right. If India doesn’t want to come, then they don’t come, but if the hosting is snatched from us, then we can go out of the tournament ourselves.

‘Why did you host if you don’t come’

Rameez Raja also asked the question that if the Indian team was not supposed to go to Pakistan, then why was it hosted at all. The former Pakistani batsman said, “If it was to say that the Indian team cannot go to Pakistan, then why were we given the host?” Agreed that the Government of India will not allow them and that’s why they do not want to come. But it is not right to snatch hosting from us on this basis.

Bilateral relations between India and Pakistan have completely ended since 2012-13. Teams clash only in tournaments like Asia Cup and World Cup. Incidentally, India’s last tour of Pakistan was also in 2008 for the Asia Cup.

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World Cup Boycott was threatened

even before this statement Rameez Raja had tried to threaten the issue of the arrival of the Indian team. Rameez had said that if the Indian team did not come to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, then Pakistan would also not go to India for the ODI World Cup next year. Rameez even claimed that if the Pakistani team does not go to India for the World Cup, then no one will watch the tournament.