Randhir Kapoor Birthday: Randhir Kapoor used to work hard to raise Karishma-Kareena’s school-tuition fees, the actor had expressed pain

Even after belonging to the First Family of Bollywood, Randhir Kapoor had struggled a lot in his career.

Actor Randhir Kapoor

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Randhir Kapoor Birthday : Kapoor family’s son Randhir Kapoor in the 70s ,Randhir Kapoor, At that time, he had won the hearts of millions of girls. His blue eyes used to be highly praised at that time. Randhir Kapoor was very handsome in his time (Randhir Kapoor Pictures) and even today a different light shines on his face. Let us tell you that today is the birthday of actor Randhir Kapoor. With this, the actor has turned 74 years old. Belonging to Bollywood’s First Family (Bollywood First Family – The Kapoor FamilyEven after keeping it, Randhir Kapoor had struggled a lot in his career.

Randhir Kapoor married Babita after successful career

After doing great films in his career and making a special mark in the industry, the actor married actress Babita, after which Randhir and Babita had two daughters – Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor. Randhir Kapoor once told that that time was such that no matter how hard you worked, you could hardly get the price in your hands. Discussing what was the condition of the film world at that time, the actor had said that ‘It was a time when artists had to work very hard, then they could earn a little money.’

Randhir Kapoor spoke about the Bollywood world then and now

Randhir Kapoor once compared the then Bollywood industry and today’s Bollywood world and said that if he was young, he would earn a lot of money like other actors today, and daughter Kareena and Karisma’s tuition and school fees were relaxed. Could pay

Such is the wish of Randhir Kapoor

rediff’s Report According to this, Randhir Kapoor had said – ‘I wish I was young today, I would have earned a lot of money like today’s actors. At that time we worked very hard to earn money, very hard work. To pay my children’s tuition fees, electricity bill, Babita’s expenses and my scotch, I have personally paid for it. I had earned that money through films, I worked hard.

Today actors earn more – Randhir Kapoor

Kapoor had further said- ‘Today’s stars have become very selective about films. He finds and likes to do different types of films, so his number of films is also less. So in the time that is left, they do advertisements and events together and earn money. He does one film a year. They do this because they earn a lot from ads and events. We used to shoot many films together with different schedules. If we had done this, we would not have been able to run our house with the money we got. I can’t pay my bills.