Ranveer Singh warmly welcomes Kylie Paul in India, stars dance together on one stage

Social Media Influencer Kylie Paul is currently present in India. Kili reached India on the previous day and at this time she is in Mayanagari Mumbai. Where he was warmly welcomed by Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh.

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Image Credit source: Instagram

social media influencer kylie paul He no longer needs any identity. His love for Hindi songs is not hidden from anyone. Kylie Paul became famous overnight by lipsyncing to Bollywood songs. Videos of Kylie are going viral on social media every day. Kylie has become so famous in India that even the PM has mentioned her name. At present, Kylie Paul is in India. where he has been warmly welcomed.

In fact, on the previous day, Kili stepped on the land of India. Kili, who is crazy about Hindi songs, always wanted to come to India. which they have fulfilled. A video is going viral very fast on social media at this time. In which Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is seen welcoming Kylie with all his enthusiasm. Kylie and Ranveer can be seen having a lot of fun on the same stage.

In this video going viral, people’s madness for Kylie and Ranveer can be seen. Everyone wants to capture this memorable moment in their respective phones. The enthusiasm of both the stars is very high. At the same time, it can be seen in the video that social media influencers and TV actresses Jannat Zubair and Mr Faizu are also seen sitting in front. It is obvious that social media has made Jannat, Faizu and Kylie Paul a big star.

While talking about another viral video, Bollywood singer Rahul Vaidya also came to meet Kylie. In the video, Rahul is seen teaching Kylie the Marathi language. Not only this, Kylie Paul was also seen in India in the dress of her country. At the same time, the same funny style of Ranveer Singh was seen. The actor was carrying a loose coat of pink color. Along with this, Ranveer was seen trembling fiercely with a mike in his hands.

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tell that bollywood hindi songs But by making videos, Kylie Paul and her sister Neema Paul have become famous in every corner of the world. Some time ago, Kili and Neema were also honored by the Indian High Commission in the past. He himself posted this information on Instagram.