Rape accused Sandeep Lamichhane will surrender, told when will return to Nepal

Former Nepal cricket team captain Sandeep Lamichhane has been accused of raping a minor boy. Sandeep is now ready to surrender in this case.

Allegations of rape against Sandeep Lamichhane. (Sandeep Lamichanne Facebook)

Nepal cricket team member Sandeep Lamichhane But there have been allegations of raping a minor girl in Kathmandu. These spinners were currently in the West Indies to play in the Caribbean Premier League. Now Sandeep has said that he is returning home to face the matter. Sandeep has given information about this by writing a Facebook post. He has announced the date of his return. After these allegations, Nepal Cricket suspended him.

This spinner wrote another post last Sunday in which it was told that he will reach Nepal as soon as possible. Now in a new post, Sandeep has told that he is reaching Nepal on 6th November and is ready to face the allegations against him.

will surrender

Sandeep has told that he will surrender after reaching Nepal and fight the legal battle. He has also said that he is innocent and has full faith in the judicial system of the country. In his Facebook post, Sandeep wrote, “With great hope and strength, I confirm that I am reaching my country Nepal on 6 October 2022. And I will surrender to the authorities of Nepal and fight against the wrong allegations against me. I am innocent and have unshakable faith in the justice system. I trust all legal organizations and the court.”

Said this thing to the fans

In this post, Sandeep has also appealed to his fans. He wrote, “My well wishers. I assure you that I am innocent and I have not proved you wrong. I have pulled myself through a very bad time. I have prepared myself to deal with this bad time as well. I am sure that the allegations leveled against me will be proved wrong with time.”

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Sandeep He has become quite famous on the basis of his spin. He is playing in almost every league around the world. He has also played IPL. However, this time Sandeep did not get a buyer in the IPL. He has been a part of Delhi Capitals in IPL.