Rashid Khan hit such a century, the world bowed down, is he a human or an alien! , Rashid Khan bowled 106 consecutive deliveries without conceding a boundary afghanistan vs pakistan

Afghanistan captain Rashid Khan has made such a record which the world was stunned to see. This leg-spinner has shown the charisma of 106 balls. Know what is the whole matter here…

Rashid Khan made a big record

Image Credit source: PTI

New Delhi. T20 cricket is considered a batsman’s game. In this format, bowlers are often beaten fiercely. All the bowlers are often seen troubled by the rain of sixes and fours. But there is also a bowler in this T20 format who is probably not a human but an alien. We are talking about Rashid Khan, whose name has been recorded in T20 cricket, which is difficult to even imagine. Perhaps this is the reason why they are being compared to aliens.

Actually, Rashid Khan has scored such a century in T20 International, about which you will be shocked to hear. Rashid Khan has not given a single boundary in 106 balls in T20 cricket. In T20 cricket, where the batsman often dominates the bowlers, it is really a big deal not to hit a single four or six in 106 balls. This ‘century’ of Rashid Khan is heavy on the centuries of many batsmen.

How Rashid Khan made special ‘Shatak’

Rashid Khan started this record with the first T20 International against UAE. In the first T20 against UAE, he did not give any boundary on two balls. After this, in the second and third T20, he did not hit any boundary on all 24-24 balls against UAE. In the first two T20 matches against Pakistan in Sharjah, Rashid Khan did not give any boundary in 24-24 balls. After this, in the third T20, Rashid Khan did not give any boundary on the first 8 balls against Pakistan. In this way, Rashid Khan did not hit any four-six in 106 balls.

Rashid Khan is a puzzle for the batsmen

Rashid Khan is an enigma for batsmen in T20 cricket. This player has taken 129 wickets in 80 T20 Internationals and his economy rate is just 6.18. Rashid Khan also has an amazing record in the world’s biggest league IPL. This player has taken 112 wickets in 92 matches in IPL and in this also his economy rate is 6.38 runs per over. These figures prove that Rashid Khan is the best bowler in T20 format.