Rashid Khan revealed that he was unable to take wickets

Rashid Khan: As the 15th season of the Indian Premier League is progressing, the excitement level of the fans is also increasing. This season, anytime any player is seen doing a feat. While the fans were surprised to see the performance of the new and young players, the fans were disappointed to see the performance of the experienced players. Rashid Khan is also unable to take wickets this year as well. The fans are very disappointed to see this. In such a situation, he has now told the reason for not taking his wicket.

Rashid Khan is happy with the performance of IPL 2022 so far

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Afghanistan’s star spinner Rashid Khan IPL 2022 In IPL, he is seen playing for the newly launched team Gujarat Titans. Rashid Khan has been able to take only six wickets in the first four matches. Even after this, Rashid Khan believes that he is doing well in IPL 2022.

“I am happy with my bowling so far in the tournament. I don’t pay much attention to the results, it depends on how I am bowling. I am bowling very well at the moment. Opponent team is not taking that kind of risk against me which gives you more wickets.

Rashid Khan is unable to take wickets because of this

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Gujarat Titans bowler Rashid has told why he is not able to take more wickets in this IPL season. He believes that his performance in the beginning of IPL remains the same. He is slowly improving his performance. Rashid Khan said,

“If you look at the IPL statistics, I always start like this (slow). In the first four to five matches, I take only five or six wickets, not 12 or 13 wickets. It always happens like this. But of course I will try my best to improve. ,

Rashid Khan will do magic spell

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In the match against Sunrisers Hyderabad on Monday, Rashid took one wicket for 28 runs in four overs. He also told that he had never even thought of playing the Indian Premier League. Rashid Khan, the vice-captain of the new IPL team, said,

‘Surely the time will come when I will cast my magic spell. Coming from Afghanistan and playing in all matches after debut, it is wonderful. Five years ago, I didn’t even think of playing in the IPL. Getting close to 100 wickets, becoming Gujarat’s vice-captain, that’s a big deal.