Rashmirekha Boyfriend Death: Two weeks after the suicide of famous TV actress Rashmirekha, now boyfriend also dies, dead body found hanging from fan

After the suicide of famous TV actress Rashmirekha, now boyfriend also dies

After the suicide of Oriya actress Rashmirekha Ojha, her fans were shocked but now if reports are to be believed, Rashmirekha’s boyfriend Santosh Patra has also passed away.

A few weeks ago, the famous Odia TV actress Rashmirekha Ojha ,Rashmirekha Oljha) was found hanging on the ceiling fan in his rented house in Nayapalli area in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. During this, his suicide note was also found by the police. In this note, Rashmirekha had written that no one should be held responsible for her death but her father’s own daughter’s live-in partner Santosh Patra (Santosh Patra) was held responsible for the death of Rashmirekha. However, according to the news, Rashmirekha’s boyfriend Santosh Patra has also died now.

died on 6th July

According to media reports, on July 6, the body of Santosh Patra was recovered from a house in Basanti Colony, Rourkela, Odisha. It is being said that Santosh committed suicide late last night. Police was interrogating Santosh in the case of Rashmirekha’s death. A few days before Rashmirekha’s alleged suicide, Santosh left her house and shifted to another place.

dead body found hanging in room

As soon as Santosh was seen hanging in his room, he was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, but later the doctor declared Santosh brought dead. After getting information about this incident, Uditnagar police station has started investigation against the incident.

Know what Santosh’s mother has to say

Meanwhile, Santosh’s mother has said that her son was “mentally disturbed” after the death of his girlfriend Rashmirekha and hence took this serious step. His mother further said, “He was trying to commit suicide after his death. But somehow, we were comforting him. We were trying not to harm himself. But we could not save him. Even after returning from the police station, Santosh used to get upset thinking of Rashmirekha’s death and in the end he took such a drastic step.”

Rashmirekha’s father had made many allegations against Santosh

During the investigation of Rashmirekha, her father told the media that he was informed about the death of his daughter by Santosh Patra. He had said, on Saturday before Rashmirekha’s death, she did not answer our calls. Later, Santosh informed us of his death. We came to know from the landlord of the house that Santosh and Rashmi lived as husband and wife, but we had no information about these things.

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