Ravi Shastri furious over Chahal’s physical harassment

A big statement of Ravi Shastri, the former head coach of the Indian team has come to the fore. In which he has supported leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal. In fact, during a conversation with Ashwin, Chahal VS made a big disclosure about his incident and said that in the year 2013, a player hanged him from the 15th floor in a state of intoxication. Ravi Shastri gave his side on this incident with Chahal.

Ravi Shastri said this thing

Ravi Shastri
Ravi Shastri

Indian spin bowler Yuzvendra Chahal The incident with him cannot be taken lightly. Because no player can play with someone’s life. As Yuzvendra Chahal told that in 2013, a player hanged him from the 15th floor in a state of intoxication. If Khuda Na Khasta had happened to Chahal, then it would have been very difficult to make fun of that player. On the other hand, Shastri (Ravi Shastri) while giving his side during the ‘ESPNcricinfo’ conversation said,

“I don’t know who the person connected with this is, he was not conscious at that time. If this has happened then it is a matter of great concern. Somebody’s life was in danger, some may find it funny but it is not funny at all. Ravi Shastri has suggested that the guilty player should never be allowed to come close to the cricket field. For a lifetime ban, it is better not to come near the cricket field, then only he will know whether it is funny or not.’ ,

Yuzvendra Chahal shared this anecdote with Ashwin

Yuzvendra ChahalYuzvendra Chahal
Yuzvendra chahal

Leg spinner Yuzvendra Chahal is a brilliant spinner. His naughty style on social media is not hidden from anyone. But about this incident, he never mentioned before. However, when this matter has come among the people, there is a demand for Chahal to disclose the name of that player. So that BCCI can punish that player. During a conversation with Ashwin, Chahal said,

“Few people know my story. I never talked about it, never shared it. In 2013, I was with Mumbai Indians. We had a match in Bangalore. After this the players met each other. One player was drunk, I will not name him. He was drunk and was looking at me. He called me. He took me outside and hung me outside the balcony”