Ravichandran Ashwin on Shastri’s statement in 2018

Team India’s legendary off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is one of the most successful spin bowlers in India today. He has contributed to big wins for India with regularity. But what was in the heart of this player about the 2018 Australia tour, has now come out through words. He has revealed that he was overlooked after Kuldeep Yadav took the fifer, due to which he was very disappointed.

Ravichandran Ashwin was disappointed with Undeshi

Indian star bowler Ravichandran Ashwin has spoken candidly about the 2018 Australia tour, when he felt he was being overlooked. In fact, Kuldeep Yadav After taking five wickets, Ravi Shastri said that he is India’s number one spinner abroad. Also said that everyone’s time comes. From that bayan Ashwin realized that he was being neglected. Before the Sydney Test, only Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja played the role of spinners abroad. But in the 2018 tour of Australia, Kuldeep got a chance. Speaking to ESPN, Ravichandran Ashwin said,

“I gave a lot of respect to Ravi bhai (Shastri). We all do this. And I believe we say certain things and then take them back. But in that moment I felt broken. Totally broken. We all talk about how important it is to enjoy success with the team. And I was happy for Kuldeep. I haven’t been able to take five wickets in an innings but he has. I know what a great achievement this is.

I could not take five wickets

Today Ravichandran Ashwin’s name comes among the most successful Test bowlers of India. Recently, he finished third in the list of bowlers with most Test wickets, leaving behind Harbhajan Singh. Ashwin has so far taken 427 wickets in 167 matches. But he misses not getting the 5 wicket hall in Australia. The legendary spinner said,

“On several occasions I bowled well but could not take five wickets. So I am very happy for him. And winning in Australia was just as much joy. But if I join in that happiness and success of the team then I should feel that I am in it. How can I enjoy the success party of the team or teammate if I feel that I have been left alone?

rejoiced again

Ravichandran Ashwin
Ravichandran Ashwin

With the arrival of Kuldeep Yadav, Ravichandran Ashwin felt unseen somewhere. But in the end he told that after some time he enjoyed the party, because it was a big victory. India won the Test series in Australia for the first time in 2018-19 after a long wait of 70 years. Ashwin said,

“I went to my room and then I talked to the wife. And my kids were there too. That’s why we put such things aside and still I went to the party because after all we won a big series.