RCD Espanyol To Be The First Football Club To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

The cryptocurrency market is going through a period of turmoil, despite this, its popularity remains around the world. Cryptocurrencies continue to be adopted as a payment option. The next name in this list is RCD Espanyol (RCD Espanyol). Spain’s Catalonia-based professional football team is set to become the first La Liga team to accept cryptocurrency as payment for tickets. For this, RCD Espanyol has partnered with Crypto Snack.

Supporters of RCD Espanyol will be able to purchase game tickets, merchandise products and food items by paying in cryptocurrency. of cryptopotato Report As per reports, these offers are set to start from the La Liga season starting in August this year.

In the last few months, there has been an interest in the football industry regarding digital assets. Football clubs around the world have partnered with cryptocurrency businesses. This includes everything from crypto payments to sponsorship.

La Liga is Spain’s top football league, but it has not been as active in the cryptocurrency industry. For the first time, this league will see a changed style. RCD Espanyol will be the first team whose supporters will be able to meet their team related expenses through crypto payments. Whether it is to buy tickets or food related items. According to the news, people will have the option of payment in many other cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ether.

The financial app ‘CryptoSnack’ that RCD Espanyol has partnered with operates in multiple markets through its iGaming coin, SNACK. This coin will also be added as a payment option.

The CEO of RCD Espanyol – Mao Ye Wu has said that this partnership will provide advantages both inside and outside the pitch. Football fans will get more options to join the game. He said that through this step, we will be ahead in such a sector, which is not only present but it will be useful in future also. Crypto Snack is also excited about this partnership. Its CEO – Stuart Morrison – said that his company is thrilled to be working with one of Spain’s most popular soccer clubs.