Realme sold 60 million smartphones in 2021, included in top 5 brands in 21 countries

Realme is rapidly strengthening its hold in the smartphone market. Recently, the company did a launch event in which its new GT2 Series was announced. Along with this, Reality also presented some data about its performance of last year, according to which Reality has joined the top 5 in 21 countries.

One published in Gizmochina Report According to the company, while releasing the official data, it said that last year it sold 60 million smartphones. With this, it has joined the list of top 5 smartphone brands in 21 countries of the world. Reality has now come to the sixth position in the world. The company’s year on year (YoY) growth in 2021 increased by 50 percent. For 2022 also, the company expects to maintain its growth rate and meet the target of selling 90 million smartphone units this year.

In a report recently, it was said that Realme is the fastest growing company in the world to make 5G smartphones. It has set the record for the fastest sale of 100 million smartphones. The company’s hold is strong in China, but the company is also growing rapidly in the European market. Realme says that it will continue its momentum in the European market.

Realme has said that it is spending 70 percent on its research and development, thereby continuously strengthening its hardware and software capabilities. The company believes that with this, it will be able to give the overall better product experience to the users in the coming time.

Reality is also focusing on the design of the products. The company is constantly keeping an eye on the latest trends in the global market which can be seen in the design of its products. Realme aims to be the most fashionable brand in the technology industry.



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