Realme TechLife Convertible AC launched, will feel like a hill station in the sweltering heat of 55 degrees

Realme has launched the Realme TechLife convertible air conditioner range in India today on Wednesday. These ACs can provide cooling even at higher temperatures like 55 degrees. To save AC electricity, you can also adjust the cooling power according to the people in a room. It has an inverter compressor technology that provides faster and longer cooling. According to the company, the AC is also equipped with an automatic cleaning system to protect the device from moisture, dust, and dirt.

The company has entered the air conditioner segment through the new Realme TechLife Convertible Air Conditioner. Realme recently also introduced a new range of semi-automatic washing machines, which have antibacterial Silver Ion Wash technology that claims to reduce infection. Last year, the Realme TechLife handheld vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum-mop and air purifier were also launched in India.

Realme TechLife Convertible AC Price and Availability

In terms of price, the 1 Ton model of Realme TechLife Convertible Air Conditioner is priced at 4 Star Model. 27,790 While the 1.5 Ton 4 Star model is priced at Rs. 30,999 is Rs. Whereas the 5 Star 1.5-tonne model is priced at Rs. 33,490 is Rs. Talking about availability, these ACs will be available for sale through e-commerce site Flipkart.

Features and Specifications

Coming to the features and specifications, the Realme TechLife Convertible Air Conditioner features an Inverter Compressor Technology that provides fast and efficient and smooth cooling operation, prolonging the life of the compressor. Along with saving AC power, one can customize the cooling performance based on the number of people in the room. This AC is equipped with dry, eco and three sleep modes. According to the company, it can offer cooling at temperatures as hot as 55 degrees. <!–