Remembering Irrfan Khan, Sutapa said, what happened one night before the actor’s death

The finest actor of Bollywood, Irrfan Khan, went away by saying goodbye to this world on April 29 last year. The actor’s family and fans still remember him a lot. On the actor’s first death anniversary, his wife Sutapa remembered him. Sutapa has shared an emotional post on social media and has told what happened the night before the actor’s death as well as remembering the days of his National School of Drama.

Remembering the night of 28 April, Sutapa shared a post. He wrote – On this day last year, my friends and I were singing songs for you. All your favorite songs. The nurses present there were looking at us strangely because they have always seen people in difficult times taking the name of God, but I had already done this for you in the morning, evening and night for the past two years. I wanted you to go with good memories, so we were singing a song. The next day you left us and went towards the next station. I hope you knew where to go without me.

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Sutapa further wrote- 363 days 8712 hours. When I was counting every second. How this sea of ​​time has passed. He further explained how his watch stopped at 11:11 am on 29 April 2020. At that time, Irfan left the world by saying goodbye.

Such days of Sutapa after Irfan’s death

After Irfan left this world, remembering how he had spent the day of Sutapa, he said – along with this, many responsibilities had come over me, along with changing my name. He told how difficult it was for him to change his name after the actor’s death. He wrote – My fingers had stopped how I removed his name from his name and made Sutapa. I was not able to sign, I took a break for a day and this name kept going on in my mind.

This is how Sutapa and Irfan met

Recalling the days of the National School of Drama, Sutapa told how he met Irfan. He took her name incorrectly. He also wrote about a tall boy Om who had died a few years ago and had asked him about Irrfan in his note.

At the end of the post, Sutapa wrote about those people who died in the time of the epidemic and their last rites have not been done properly. He wrote- All of you stay in peace and remember that we all love you very much.

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