Remembering Kishore Kumar: Will eat milk and jalebi, will settle in Khandwa…

Kishore Kumar was very much attached to his birthplace Khandwa. Cultural programs are organized here every year on the birth anniversary and death anniversary of Kishore Kumar.

kishore kumar’s birth anniversary today

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Anant Maheshwari: Today is August 4, the date that gave the film industry such an artist, whom his fans know as Kishore Kumar. Today is Kishore Da’s birth anniversary. of Hindi cinema great singer kishore kumar He was born on August 4, 1929 in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. In the history of Indian films, Kishore Kumar was such a singer whose voice was recognized by the world. He was an all round artist. He gave his voice to more than 25 thousand songs in many languages ​​including Hindi. Born in the Ganguly family of Khandwa, Kishore was named Abhash Kumar in his childhood.

Kishore Kumar had an attachment to Khandwa

Abhas Kumar was born in Ganguly House located in Bombay Bazar, Khandwa, then who knew that this Abhas Kumar would reach the film city of Bombay from Khandwa’s Bombay Bazar and the world would know him as Kishore Kumar. Kishore Kumar, who settled in Mumbai to work in the film industry, used to find comfort in Khandwa. Whenever he went to Khandwa, he used to stay in his house at Ganguly House.

Kishore Kumar was so attached to his birth place Khandwa that wherever he went he would introduce himself as Kishore Kumar Khandwe Wala. He used to start his program here on stage shows like this – my grandparents, my maternal uncles… Hey main jo here aaya hoon, aap sabka pyar hai dular hai and Kishore Kumar Khandve wala is ready to sing. After getting rid of the film industry, Kishore Kumar wanted to settle down in Khandwa. He used to say – If you die, it will be in Khandwa.

Kishore Kumar was very fond of milk-jalebi

Not only this, the milk-jalebi of Lala Jalebi’s shop located here was very dear to Kishore Kumar. The picture of Kishore Kumar on this shop still reminds him of him. The people around there still remember the stories of Kishore Kumar and his all-rounder style. Whenever Kishore Kumar went to Khandwa, he would definitely reach Lala Jalebi Wale’s place. Kishore Kumar always used to say – will eat milk and jalebi, will settle in Khandwa.

Khandwa is also known by the name of Kishore Kumar Khandve. Born on August 4, 1929 in Khandwa, Kishore Kumar died on October 13, 1987. Kishore Kumar’s fans organize many cultural events in Khandwa on these two dates. Kishore Night is organized by Kishore Cultural Prerna Manch on August 3 and August 4 on the occasion of Kishore Kumar’s birthday. This time the young artists of Khandwa brought the songs sung by Kishore on the canvas. He also held an exhibition. Kishore Kumar, an artist who has no dearth of fans, be it children or old people. Everyone is drawn to Kishore Kumar’s Samadhi.

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