‘Resign yourself if you want better benefits’, Amazon’s offer to Indian workers before retrenchment

Amgen has started a review on the basis of work performance to lay off about 6 percent of the work force. Under this, the company is working on a plan to lay off about 10,000 employees.

Indian employees got offer of resignation

Image Credit source: AP

E-commerce sector giant amazon Recently has started the exercise to evacuate 10 thousand people. For this, the performance of the employees is being reviewed and the worst performing employees will be fired. The company has been firing 2 percent of such employees every year on the basis of performance. However, this time this figure is of 6 percent. To reduce the possibility of any dispute due to layoffs of more people, Amazon also started giving a new offer to the employees. According to this, if he himself resigns from the company, then he will get many benefits after leaving the company. According to media reports, many Indian employees have received offers for Voluntary Separation Program i.e. voluntary resignation.

What is this VSP program

According to the reports, some employees working in India who are working in L1 to L7 band have got offers for Voluntary Separation Program ie VSP. According to this, if an employee accepts VSP, then he will get monitoring benefits. However, according to the internal document, the employees will have to sign the offer by 30:30 pm on November 30, failing which they will be included in the review.

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Under this offer, Indian employees accepting VSP will get 22 weeks basic pay, and one week basic pay for every 6 months of service. Whose limit will be 20 weeks. Along with this, the employees will also get 6 months insurance benefit. According to reports, if removed on the basis of poor performance in the review, payment is made on the basis of pre-determined rules of the company, which will be much less than the benefits of VSP. There is a possibility that in this way the company can make many people resign and it will have to lay off less people than before, due to which its image can also be better.