RGV Viral Video: Ram Gopal Varma was seen getting emotional while dancing with the girl, the video is going viral

This video of filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma surfaced

Image Credit source: YouTube

In the video, Ram Gopal Varma is seen swinging on the song ‘Hi Rama Yeh Kya Hua..’ from Rangeela Movie, with him in the video a girl is seen wearing a red dress.

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma (Ram Gopal VermaApart from his ‘Hatkar’ films, he is also quite popular for his statements. Director Ram Gopal Varma, who has his opinion on every issue, is now in the headlines due to a video. A dance video of the filmmaker has surfaced in which Ram Gopal Varma is seen clinging to a woman and dancing. Rangeela in Ram Gopal Varma video (Rangeela Movie) A girl is seen wearing a red dress in the video with her on the song ‘Hi Rama Yeh Kya Hua..’ from the film. Ram Gopal Varma first sees the girl a tuck in the video and then the expression (RGV Viral Video) and then quickly reach close to the girl. After this, RGV holds the girl in his arms.

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Seeing this video, many people’s comments started coming. On social media, this video of Ram Gopal Varma started being called creepy post. So someone said – RGV full fun. One user said- You are living life, brother. One user wrote – This video is proof that everything is money, money has power. So someone said – camera is brother, control Majnu. A user called this video obscene. So someone said- Ram Gopal Varma do so much concentration in your films too.

Let us tell you, Ram Gopal Varma keeps on commenting on something or the other, filmmakers often give rise to controversies with their statements on social media. some time ago Ramgopal Varma Came into controversies about one of his films, which is based on lesbian relationships. After all, director Ram Gopal Varma’s first lesbian most controversial film Khatra: Dangerous(Khatra: Dangerous) After passing from the censor board, it is ready for release in theatres. Ram Gopal Varma’s most controversial film Khatra: Dangerous Ka Ram Gopal Varma fans are waiting for the first time in India on a lesbian love story.

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