Richa Chaddha’s tweet on ‘Galwan’ created ruckus, accused of making fun of the army

Richa Chadha Tweet Hai Galwan: A tweet by Bollywood actress Richa Chadha is being criticized fiercely. Army Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi had given a statement regarding Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Richa Chadha has retweeted this statement saying ‘Hi Galwan’.

Richa Chadha

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Richa Chadha Tweet About Galwan Viral: Actress Richa Chadha has been embroiled in controversies since her tweet. Richa Chadha has tweeted about Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Richa Chadha has written ‘Hi Galvan’ while retweeting the statement by Northern Army Commander Lieutenant General Dwivedi. Now this tweet of Richa Chadha is being heavily criticized on social media. Many BJP leaders called it shameful.

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Richa Chadha Tweet

Sirsa called the tweet shameful

BJP leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa has termed Richa Chadha’s tweet as shameful. He has said that it should be withdrawn as soon as possible. This is an insult to our army which is not fair.

Told Richa Chadha 3rd grade actress

Manjinder Singh has also shared a video in which he has described Richa Chadha as a 3rd grade actress. He has said that a 3rd grade actress like Richa Chadha is insulting the Indian Army for a publicity stunt. Richa Chadha is a worshiper of Rahul Gandhi and Congress. That’s why his anti-India thinking is clearly visible in this tweet. Richa Chadha is being criticized on social media.

After this tweet of Richa Chadha, social media is getting a lot of criticism. Many users have said that she is making fun of the Indian Army and the sacrifice of the soldiers who were martyred in the Galvan conflict.

Let us tell you on Tuesday, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had said that “We have just started our journey of development in Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh. We will achieve our goal once we reach Gilgit and Baltistan. After this statement, the Northern Army Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Dwivedi had said that the army is always ready to obey the orders of the government.