Robbed In France: After Annu Kapoor, director Hansal Mehta also narrated about the theft in France, saying – there was neither cash nor card left

Hansal Mehta

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He disclosed the robbery in France with actor Annu Kapoor on social media and now director Hansal Mehta has also narrated his French tragedy.

waiter actor annu kapoor (Annu Kapoor) Recently shared a video on social media in which he told that he was robbed while traveling to France. This video of Annu Kapoor became increasingly viral on social media. After Annu Kapoor, now film director Hansal Mehta ,Hansal Mehta, Has also shared his experience through social media. He told that like Annu Kapoor, he too faced such a situation. At that time, he had neither money nor card left with him. He went to France with his daughters.

After Annu Kapoor, Hansal Mehta also narrated the tragedy of France

Hansal Mehta shared this story of his Prince on his Twitter account. In his tweets, he disclosed that when he was with his daughters, he had neither money nor cards at that time. He tweeted that, ‘I saw the video of Annu Kapoor sir, in which he is telling how some people in France stole his bag which contained all his belongings, cards and cash. Something similar happened to me when my wallet was taken away by someone and I was literally stuck without cash, debit or credit card. Anything more than that can make you feel too violet.

Hansal Mehta further tweeted that, ‘My daughters were with me and had to call my wife to bring us as we did not have money to go to our hotel and pay. The rest of the journey and vacation with family was ruined. Due to this theft, there was a lot of worry and inconvenience too. The cards were blocked and were completely useless to thieves. There was hardly any cash. The moral of the story is that whenever you come to France, beware of robbers. India is always defamed unnecessarily.

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This has happened with director Onir too.

After Hansal Mehta’s tweet in this way, director Onir also shared his side of the story. He said that he too was pocketed by a pickpocket in Paris. He said, ‘Someone stole my pocket in the metro but my mobile was on on the way to the airport. A film producer traveling with me ate food in a restaurant where he paid a bill of 75 thousand, which means that card was misused in the restaurant. We realized this in the middle of the night. Complained the next day as well but nothing came out of it.