Robinhood’s crypto unit fined $ 30 million

The crypto unit of trading platform Robinhood has been fined $30 million in the US for violating regulations. Robinhood is accused of violating anti-money laundering, cyber security and consumer protection regulations. The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) reported that the firm’s crypto unit did not deploy sufficient resources to address compliance and cybersecurity risks. The firm is facing several regulatory scrutiny.

The firm’s Associate General Counsel Cheryl Crumpton said in this regard. Told That Robinhood has strengthened its legal, compliance and cyber security programs. Earlier this year Robinhood reported a non-custodial offering. This will give customers complete control over their crypto assets in Web 3. It will be launched as a separate app. Customers will have keys to their crypto assets and will be able to access decentralized apps (dApps) for trading. No network fee will be required for this.

Robinhood recently signed a deal to acquire UK-based fintech app Ziglu. Ziglu allows users to buy and sell 11 cryptocurrencies as well as make payments abroad. This is Robinhood’s second attempt to expand business in the UK. About two years ago it market I had postponed my plan of expansion.

In this regard, the firm said, “We have signed a deal to acquire UK-based crypto firm Ziglu as part of our plans to expand overseas.” This will not change anything for Ziglu customers in the short-term. However, later the firm will be integrated with Robinhood. Along with this, work will be done on expanding business in Europe outside the UK. Robinhood CEO Vladimir Tenev recently described Dogecoin as an important cryptocurrency. However, at the same time he said that the transaction fees associated with Dogecoin need to be significantly reduced. Tenev believes that making some changes to Dogecoin can significantly increase its use. He said that it can become an effective means of daily payments and online transactions. <!–


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