Robot will perform surgery in space, NASA will carry out this big test on ISS in the year 2024

Preparations for a test are underway at the International Space Station (ISS), also known as the home of astronauts in space. A robotic surgeon is to be tested on the ISS. If the testing is successful, then one day a robotic surgeon will be able to perform surgery on humans in space. After many years of hard work in collaboration with NASA, scientists at the University of Nebraska have developed a robot named MIRA. Its full name is Miniaturized In Vivo Robotic Assistant. According to the plan, in the year 2024, this surgical robot will fly to the space station, where it will show its capability of surgery. The MIRA robot has been designed by Professor Shane Fariter from the College of Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL).

of daily mail Report According to, NASA has been supporting this research for many years. In April, the space agency awarded the university $100,000 to develop a surgical robot. Professor Shane Fariter, who designed the robot, has said that NASA has been a long-time supporter of this research. For this reason, our robot will get a chance to fly to the International Space Station.

MIRA weighs just over two pounds. It is a long robotic cylinder. It has two movable prongs under it to help with walking. There are two small tools at the end of each prong. One of them catches things and the other works to cut them. With the help of these tools, the robot will do surgery. However, the safety works related to this are yet to be completed.

Currently, human help is taken while operating these tools, but in the future this work is fully prepared to be done by robots. Professor Fariter said that the missions related to space are getting longer. As people go deeper into space, they may someday need surgery in space. We are working towards that goal.

During its journey to the space station, MIRA will operate without the guidance of a doctor or astronauts. It won’t be around astronauts though. During testing it will complete its test inside a locker the size of a microwave oven. One of the objectives of this mission is also to improve the operation of the robot in zero gravity.



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