Ronaldo and Messi broke records in a single night, created a stir from Portugal to Argentina. Cristiano Ronaldo breaks most international matches record, lionel messi scores 800th career goal

The Argentine team, which won the title in the Football World Cup played in Qatar in November-December 2022, played for the first time in their country and like the World Cup, Messi made this match special for his fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo And Lionel Messi

New Delhi: Many years have passed, many records have been broken, many players have failed and many have retired but the race for records continues between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. These two best players of the current era, who have been showing their charisma on the football pitch for the last almost two decades, are still showing their mettle. International football returned for the first time after the Football World Cup held about four months ago, where Cristiano and Messi again set new records within a few hours in two different parts of the world.

Portugal legend Cristiano Ronaldo returned to the national team late on Thursday, March 23, with a Euro Cup qualifier against Liechtenstein. In this match, Portugal won 4-0 against a very weak team. Obviously, Cristiano Ronaldo got more discussion than this victory of Portugal.

Ronaldo’s world record

In fact, with this match, Cristiano took the world record of playing the maximum number of international matches. This was the 197th match of the career of the legendary Portuguese captain. In this way, he broke the record of Kuwait player Badr Al-Mutawa, who has played 196 international matches. Both the players made their debut in 2013.

Not only this record, but Ronaldo also showed his amazing skills in this match. Ronaldo first scored a goal on the penalty and then fired the ball directly into the goalpost on a tremendous freekick.

World champion Messi’s 800th goal

After this feat of Cristiano, it was the turn of Lionel Messi. About 4 hours later, thousands of kilometers away from Portugal, a football festival was organized in Argentina. After making Argentina the world champion after a long time, he went to play in his country for the first time. The stadium in Buenos Aires was packed with Argentine fans for Argentina’s first match as world champions, where the World Cup winning team was felicitated. During this, Captain Messi presented the World Cup trophy to the fans.

After all the respect, it was Messi’s amazing turn and the Argentine legend did not disappoint his thousands of fans. Messi fired a tremendous freekick in his trademark style and the ball made its way inside the goal, dodging the goalkeeper. This was the 800th goal of Messi’s career, in which he scored 701 goals at the club level, while he scored the 99th goal for his country.