Ross Taylor wraps up teammate-former coach on racism in New Zealand cricket

Ross Taylor played international cricket for New Zealand from 2006 to 2022 and was also the captain of the team. He also holds the record for the most runs for New Zealand.

Ross Taylor retired from international cricket earlier this year.

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Ross Taylor It has a special place in world cricket. Ross Taylor, one of New Zealand’s greatest batsmen, has been a part of Kiwi cricket for nearly 15 years. New Zealand cricket team And made international cricket better than his ability. Taylor retired from international cricket this year. Just a few months after his retirement, Taylor has now made such a disclosure, which seems shocking at the same time, but it is not surprising either. Taylor has said that he faced racist comments from the Kiwis team and officials.

Revelations of Ross Taylor in the Autobiography

Taylor has made this shocking disclosure in his autobiography – Black and White. ESPN Cricinfo has provided information about parts of this autobiography, and states that Taylor has written several things about the racial insensitivity present in the Kiwi dressing room, and also mentions comments made by some former New Zealand cricket teammates. While referring to a derogatory comment by Mike Hesson, former coach of the Kiwi team and currently the director of Royal Challengers Bangalore.

brown player

Describing racism in his autobiography, 38-year-old Taylor wrote that Kiwi cricket was a game of white people, to which he was an anomaly as a brown-skinned player. they wrote,

Cricket in New Zealand is largely a game of whites. For a long time in my career I was like an anomaly, a brownie (player) in a team of whites.

Racial remarks in the name of joke

Taylor’s mother is of Samoa origin and her father was from New Zealand. Due to this many times he had to face indirect comments about his Samoan heritage. He also mentioned the comments of a fellow player without naming him. According to Taylor, in many ways, dressing room humor is a measure. A teammate used to tell me, ‘Your half is good, Ross. But which part is good? You don’t know what I’m talking about. I knew full well what that was. Other players also had to tolerate all this when comments were made on their race.

Mike Hesson also accused

Taylor’s relationship with Mike Hesson, former New Zealand coach and current director of cricket of RCB in the IPL, was also not good from the initial days. Taylor also mentioned an alleged racist remark by Hesson, citing another incident from the same period. According to Taylor, when I came back to the team after the captaincy turmoil, I found myself sitting next to Mike Hesson. He had come straight from his home. He said, my cleaner is also similar. She is such a lovely lady, very hardworking, trustworthy. All I could say is, that’s great.

New Zealand’s most successful batsman Taylor

Former Kiwi captain Ross Taylor made his ODI debut for New Zealand in March 2006 and then made his Test debut in November 2007. Taylor played the most 112 Test matches for New Zealand and scored the highest 7683 runs. Similarly, in 236 ODIs, Taylor has the highest 8607 runs for New Zealand. Apart from this, 1909 runs were also scored in T20. Taylor has scored a total of 40 centuries for New Zealand.