RP Singh’s son will play for England, got a place on Sri Lanka tour

RP Singh has represented India in international cricket but now his son is ready to play for the England team.

RP Singh’s son has been selected in the England Under-19 team. (Pic Credit Twitter)

Harry Singh, son of cricketer RP Singh, who played international cricket for India in the 80s, has been selected in the England Under-19 team. He has been selected in the team for the series against Sri Lanka. RP Singh hails from Uttar Pradesh and has played a few ODI matches for India. After not taking his international career too long, RP Singh went to England where he did a coaching course and started working as a coach in club cricket.

RP Singh’s son and daughter grew up in England and both had an interest in cricket at one time. His son is a part of Lancashire’s Second-11. RP Singh’s daughter has also represented Lancashire’s Under-19 team. But later he decided to focus on his studies and then left cricket.

harry is all rounder

RP Singh’s son, however, continued with cricket and now stands close to playing with the England national team. Talking about his son Harry, RP Singh told The Indian Express that his son is an opener who can also do off-spin. According to RP, Harry was initially interested in fast bowling, but then he asked Harry to open the batting. In such a situation, if it was difficult to bowl fast, he asked him to focus on spin bowling to become an all-rounder.

No RP with T20 World Cup

This RP Singh is not that RP Singh who was a part of Team India which won the T20 World Cup in 2007. He was a left arm fast bowler. Both RP Singh, however, come from Uttar Pradesh and both are left-arm fast bowlers. Harry’s father RP Singh Sr. has played two ODIs for India. He played these matches against Australia in 1986. At the same time, RP Singh Jr has played 14 Test matches, 58 ODIs and 10 T20 matches for India.