Rs 5 kg tomato, Rs 12 kg onion, farmers are in bad condition in this state

These days new produce of onion and tomato is coming in the mandis. But due to falling prices in the market, he is unable to even extract the rent for his produce. The condition of this state is such that tomatoes are being sold at just Rs.5 a kg and onions at Rs.12 a kg.

When will farmers get the right price for onions?

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You must have often seen pictures of farmers throwing onions or tomatoes on the road. What can farmers do, when the farmers who grow crops like onion and tomato do not get enough price in the market to get the fare for their produce, then they throw the entire crop on the road because the fare to take it back from the market They do not have the capacity to give. The same situation is in this state now, where the new onion-tomato crop is coming. But where the price of tomato is available at Rs 5 per kg, then onion is available at Rs 12 per kg, in between, the price of onion has also gone up to Rs 2 per kg…

Demand to declare MSP from the government

Here we are talking about Karnataka, where the prices of these vegetables have come down drastically due to increase in the production of tomatoes and onions. Due to this, the farmers here are very upset.

Neelaturu Chinappa Reddy, president of District Fruit and Vegetable Producers Sangharsh Samiti of Kolar, which was once famous for gold mines, has demanded the government to declare minimum support price (MSP) of onion and tomato to protect the interests of the farmers.

Earning Rs 8 from 200 kg onions

In Karnataka itself, Pavadeppa Hallikeri, a farmer from Thimmapura in Gadag district, got a good yield of onions this year. Desiring a higher price, he decided to sell his produce in Bangalore. Last week, when he reached the Bengaluru mandi with 205 kg onions, the price of onions there was only Rs 2 per kg.

In such a situation, he got only Rs 410, while he had to pay Rs 401.64 as the fee for unloading the onion crop from the truck. That is, he got only Rs 8.36 in hand and now the copy of his bill is viral on social media.

Onion-tomato prices are a bit stable

A few days ago, onion prices had come down to between Rs 2 and 10 per kg in Karnataka’s Yeshwantpur mandi. PTI has reported quoting sources related to the market that now the price of onion has come from Rs 12 to Rs 18 per kg depending on the quality. Although the price of Rs 12 per kg is also very less.

On the other hand, Manjunath, a wholesale vegetable trader of KR Market, says that tomatoes are being sold in the wholesale market at Rs 5 to Rs 6 per kg, while in retail, tomatoes are between Rs 8 and Rs 12 per kg.

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English Headline: Farmers in Karnataka are getting price for tomatoes Rs. 5 per kg while onions at Rs. 12, demands for MSP.