Ruckus in America over TikTok data, country’s security at risk, refusal to share company with Chinese Communist Party

Tiktok has given clarification regarding user data

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TikTok Users Data: Tiktok has sent a letter in response to the questions of US lawmakers. In which it is written that the US is taking steps to limit access to users’ data.

The company running the video making platform Tiktok (TikTok US Lawmakers) has assured US senators this week that it is taking necessary steps to limit access to user data outside the US. In which employees of its parent company Chinese group ByteDance are also included. In fact, 9 MPs of the Republican Party wrote a letter to the company about its data (TikTok Users Data) had questions about the policy related to storage and its access. To which this social media company has given the answer on Thursday.

Initially the letter was published in the New York Times but later Tiktok confirmed its content. American officials have already questioned Tiktok in this matter. Then it indicated in mid-June that all its data of US users is now being stored on US-based servers only. Which is operated by the American company Oracle. Tiktok has confirmed the claim made in an article in its letter, which states that the data of American users has access to personnel working in China.

CCP did not ask for data- Tiktok

The company says that but it is under the supervision of the company’s “US-based security team” within a “robust cyber security control and authorization approval protocol”. Responding to the repeated remarks of the senators, he said that the Communist Party of China (CCP) has never asked for the data of US users. The company said, ‘We have not provided the data of US users to CCP, nor have they asked us anything about this.’

Tiktok officials also said that ByteDance engineers can work on the platform’s algorithms. However, the new protocol ensures that they can only do so in Oracle’s computing environment, without extracting data from it. The popular social media platform is currently being evaluated by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS). It is an inter-agency government review board that assesses the risks of foreign investment on US national security.

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Former US President Donald Trump has been expressing concern about the security of Tiktok’s data during his tenure in the White House. He also tried to sell ByteDance to Oracle, his subsidiary company Tiktok. He also issued executive orders to completely ban Tiktok in the US, but they were never implemented, and later Joe Biden, who became the country’s President, canceled these orders. Biden has asked his administration to investigate the potential risks associated with foreign ownership of social media websites and apps.