Russia took revenge on America! Sanctions imposed on 25 Americans, including President Biden’s wife and daughter, list released

Russia imposed sanctions on the wife and daughter of US President Biden.

US President Biden’s wife (Joe Biden) and their daughter have been banned from Russia. Not only this, 23 other Americans have also been banned by Russia.


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TV9 Hindi

TV9 Hindi , Edited By: Garima Tiwari

Jun 28, 2022 | 4:55 PM

America angered by Russia’s attack on UkraineAmerica) announced a number of sanctions on Moscow. Even appealed to other countries to do the same so that Russia (Russia) on UkraineRussia) to stop the aggressive action being taken immediately. The Biden government appointed Russian President Vladimir Putin (Vladimir PutinMany of his close people including his daughters were also banned, after which these two big countries came face to face. However, now Russia has also given a befitting reply to America. The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that the wife of US President Biden (Joe Biden) and his daughter has been banned from Russia. Along with Biden’s wife and daughter, 23 other Americans have also been banned by Russia.