Russia-Ukraine War: America, trapped in its woven net, blew twice the amount it used to burn in Afghanistan in a whole year, on Ukraine in 3 months

America is facing heavy burden to start the war between Russia and Ukraine

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America, trapped in its woven web, is now fumbling to end the war that broke out between Russia and Ukraine. As long as the war continues, Ukraine will recover ammunition, ration and water from America’s pocket and America will not be able to pull back with Ukraine’s help even if it wants a million.

To destroy Russia, America is now starting its war with Ukraine.America) has begun to overwhelm. All this is possible also Russia (Russia) has happened with just one move. Russia has pushed America into the same pit that America dug for Russia. This is the reason that since, sensing America’s move, Russia started the three-month-long war with Ukraine.Russia-Ukraine War) the speed is slow. There has been an uproar among the American rulers. The situation is that America, intent on destroying Russia in the war with Ukraine, during the last three months of war, has so far donated twice the amount and military equipment to Ukraine than it has given to Afghanistan.Afghanistan) used to blow in a year.

In such a situation, America was happy at the beginning of the war by spurring the fight between Ukraine and Russia. Now the same America is thinking that somehow the Russia-Ukraine war should end soon. Otherwise, whatever will happen to Russia and Ukraine in this war, America will also have reached the verge of poverty. Today America is so entangled in the web woven by it to destroy Russia under the guise of Ukraine, that it is not laughing at it. Nor is he crying. Because America is always being called the worm of becoming the grandfather of the world. The problem of America is that if today it will cry in front of anyone if it hurts its ruin in the war between Ukraine and Russia. So no one will believe his words. No one will understand his tears as crocodile tears. Because the whole world knows that the trickster America is never ashamed to snatch anyone’s happiness for its own happiness.

America was silent until now

According to the reports coming in the midst of all this uproar, in the war that broke out between Ukraine-Russia on 24 February 2022 i.e. about three months ago, America, which has been jumping so far, is now sitting silently. It is also said that a weak country like Ukraine has been destroyed in a war in front of Russia’s super power, this America has blown up. Apart from Russia, Ukraine, the whole world has to pay the price of this war. The way in which weak Ukraine has challenged the powerful Russia in this war, it is surprising everyone. It is said that in this fierce war, the US is helping Ukraine from behind with weapons and huge money. It is a different matter that this step of America, which is helping Ukraine blindly, has brought it to the brink of destruction today.

ready to pay billions of dollars again

The war of America, Russia and Ukraine, which is already battling with a bad economy, has crippled the economy badly. According to media reports, the US has recently passed a bill to provide additional assistance of $ 40 billion to Ukraine. Whereas from February this year till now, America has already given about 56.44 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine. This help is more than Russia’s total defense budget for this fiscal year i.e. 2022. It is worth mentioning here that Russia had kept its defense budget for this year at $51.3 billion. Ever since the war between Russia and Ukraine started, that is, in these nearly three months of devastation from last February 2022 till now, the US has provided aid of 56.55 billion dollars to Ukraine. Which is almost twice the US average annual cost during the war in Afghanistan.

America had forgotten that it…

In the war between Russia and Ukraine, I will turn a blind eye to the destruction of Russia at the hands of Ukraine. America, while helping Ukraine so much, has forgotten that it itself has been badly weakened at the economic and military level, without fighting a war, falling in the face of Russia’s devastation. America is emptying its treasury by helping Ukraine financially. Whereas due to blind giving of bombs, ammunition and other military equipment to Ukraine. America’s own military warehouses are slowly getting empty. Immersed in the obsession with ruin to destroy Russia, this desire of America is pushing it towards poverty. Since the US confronted Ukraine with Russia, it was only because, in the war with Ukraine, Russia would be economically ruined and weakened. America, NATO and Britain are sure to get its full benefit in the near future.

change the direction of the wind

While digging a pit for the other, that is, for Russia, America forgot that Russia has caught its strategy. That is why now Russia has started to gradually increase the pace of its war with Ukraine, meaning the war is prolonging. So that Ukraine keeps making America poor by begging for help from America for a long time. The world was wondering how Ukraine became so powerful that it took three months to capture the world’s super power like Russia. No, the truth is not what is visible from above. Actually it is called Chanakya policy or diplomacy of the top record that America, which had confronted Ukraine with Russia three months ago. By scheming that Russia will be marginally ruined in this war at the hands of Ukraine. Sensing America’s sloppy thinking and wind, now Russia, after fighting a slow war with the same Ukraine, is bent on leaving America unlivable.

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America is saying stop the war

On the other hand, US President Joe Biden, himself embroiled in a web for Russia, has signed a bill on Saturday for $ 40 billion in additional aid for Ukraine. This bill was passed in the US Congress with the support of both parties. So that in the ongoing war, Russia can be pushed to the brink of further weakening at the hands of Ukraine. However, now Russia has turned the dice by slowing down the pace of the war. Due to which America, trapped in its woven web, is now fumbling between Russia and Ukraine to end this war as soon as possible. Otherwise, as long as the war continues, Ukraine will recover all the ammunition, ration water used in the war from America’s pocket and America will not be able to pull back with the help of Ukraine even after wanting a million. Because it is America who has fought Ukraine in front of Russia by taking it into a bloody war without reason.