Russia-Ukraine War: The impact of Russia-Ukraine war started, IMF expressed concern, said – so far 30 countries have cut exports

The effects of the devastation caused by the war in Ukraine are visible all over the world and there is a possibility of a situation of food crisis (indicative)

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IMF spokeswoman Gerry Rice said, “Our monitoring indicates that nearly 30 countries have cut exports of essential goods, including food and fuel, since the start of the war in Ukraine. So, we are very concerned about this deduction.

International Monetary Fund (International Monetary Fund, The U.S. said on Thursday that since the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, about 30 countries have cut exports of essential commodities, including food and fuel.Food And Fertilizer Export Restrictions) about which he is concerned. At the same time, the global organization IMF recently welcomed the Indian government’s decision to relax the originally announced restrictions on wheat exports and allow some goods to be shipped.

IMF spokesman Gerry Rice said at a news conference in Washington: “We are deeply concerned by measures such as banning exports of food items, fuels and fertilisers, which could lead to global price increases and market volatility.” . Therefore, this issue is far ahead of India.

We are very concerned about this cut: IMF spokesperson

On a question related to India, spokesman Rice said, “Our monitoring indicates that since the start of the war in Ukraine, exports of food grains and fuel and other essential goods have been cut by about 30 countries.” So, we are very concerned about this deduction. (Managing Director of the IMF) Kristalina Georgieva has been quite vocal on this issue. (First Deputy Managing Director) Geeta Gopinath had also raised this issue again yesterday.

IMF applauds India for easing restrictions

Appreciating India’s recent decision, he said, “With respect to India, we welcome its decision to relax the basic restrictions recently announced on the export of wheat and allow shipments of certain goods, including Including contracted goods and exports to countries with food security needs. We look forward to further easing of restrictions not only from India, but also from all the countries that have implemented them.

Food and fertilizer crisis increased due to war: Jaishankar

On the other hand, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said on Thursday that the Russo-Ukraine war has created a crisis of fuel, food and fertilizer which will lead to starvation. Jaishankar said during a discussion on national security on the completion of eight years of the Modi government, “As per the impact of the situation in Ukraine, according to us, there are three F’s of crisis (Fuel (Fuel), Food (Food) and Fertilizer (Fertilizer)). The prices of these three have gone up a lot. They have had a lot of inflationary effects.’

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