Russian ambassador accuses US, staff getting ‘threat’ of violence, CIA and FBI agents roaming outside the embassy

Russian ambassador Anatoly Antonov accuses America

Image Credit source: AFP

Russian Ambassador Allegations on US: The Russian ambassador has accused the US of being threatened with violence here. Staff are receiving threats including physical violence.

Russian Ambassador to Washington DC, USA (Russia’s ambassador in Washington DCAnatoly Antonov has alleged that US officials blocked Moscow diplomats last month. He claimed that the Russian (Russia) Officials are being ‘threatened’ of violence. US intelligence officials are trying to contact embassy staff. Russia’s state news agency Tass quoted Antonov as saying, ‘It looks like a surrounded fortress. Our embassy is working in a hostile environment. Embassy employees are getting threats including physical violence.

The Russian ambassador did not say who was threatening the employees. “Agents of the US Intelligence Service are roaming outside the building, handing over the numbers of the CIA and FBI, which they are being asked to establish contact with,” he said. Nothing has been said so far by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and State Department on Antonov’s allegations. Ever since Russia attacked Ukraine on 24 February and for this reason the war is still going on between these two countries, since then there is a diplomatic conflict between America and Russia.

America at the forefront against Russia

Russia and the US have expelled each other’s ambassadors, Ukraine has been at the fore in calling for an end to the war, and it has also been at the forefront of imposing sanctions against Russia. In response, Russia has barred American officials from entering their country. These people include the names of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. On Monday, the Russian ambassador to Poland was attacked with red paint in the capital, Warsaw. This paint was thrown at him by the protesters, who are protesting against the Ukraine war.

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The war between Ukraine and Russia will complete three months on the coming 24th, but there is no ray of peace from either side. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said several times that he is ready to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. But there is no response from Putin in the matter. Peace talks were started between the two countries, but due to the continuation of Russia’s attacks, it hangs in the balance. Many countries, including the United Nations and India, have called for an end to the war.