Sa Re Ga Ma Pa: Sohna Mohana Twins will come on stage today, the parents had broken the relationship with the twin brothers

Talented singers who have appeared in ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ have managed to attract the audience with their singing talent. Makers present two special episodes every week in front of the fans.

Sohna Mohana Twins will come today

Today in Zee Tv’s Singing Reality Show ‘SaReGaMaPa’, India’s demand special episode will be presented in front of the audience. In this special episode, the fans coming from different states of India will bring their favorite songs in front of their favorite contestants and the contestants will also fulfill the wishes of their special fans with great passion. Out of all these fans, two twin brothers, Sohna Mohana, who came from Punjab Amritsar for Laaj and Sharad Sharma, will attract everyone towards them.

Actually Sohna Mohana are twin brothers joined by two torso and one body. On his request, Laj and Sharad will perform on the song ‘Tu Na Jaane Aas Aas Hai Khuda’. On the entry of 19-year-old Sohna Mohana, everyone present on the stage will be seen standing and welcoming her. The host of the show Aditya Narayan welcomed them as well as congratulated these two brothers, because recently they have got a government job.

Two twin brothers came in Saregamapa

Sohna Mohana also loves to sing. In Sa Re Ga Ma Pa also one brother is a fan of Laj and the other brother is a fan of Sharad. The judges were very curious about these two and hence they asked many questions to these twin brothers. Sohna Mohana also did not disappoint the judges and answered their questions with great confidence. When the judges asked him, “Are your hearts one with the way your bodies are connected with each other?”

two hearts one stomach twin brothers

Responding to the question asked by the judges, Sohna Mohana said that their hearts are different but their stomachs are one. Although the likes of these two are quite different. Like one likes pizza and one likes dosa. When they were asked about their studies, they said that after doing ITI, both of them did a diploma in electrical engineering and now they have got a government job after giving the exam.

Parents left as soon as they were born

Sohna Mohana is also fond of singing. He considers Shankar Mahadevan as his guru and is teaching him songs from his playlist. In fact, after the birth of both of them, their doctor said that both of them will not live for long. Despite being educated after birth, the parents of both of them had left them. He was raised by an NGO in Amritsar.

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