SA vs ENG game on but umpire is not known, where is the focus in LIVE match? video | Umpire Marais Erasmus faces trolling for not paying attention during SA vs ENG ODI

In the first ODI against South Africa and England, the attention of umpire Marais Erasmus was seen somewhere else rather than on the match, due to which he was trolled a lot.

Where is the attention of umpire Erasmus?

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The ODI series between South Africa and England has started. The result of the first match of the series was in favor of South Africa. The host team won by 27 runs. But, between the victory of South Africa and the defeat of England, one such thing was seen on the field, which caught everyone’s attention. The matter is related to the umpire of the match. Actually, it so happened that in the live match, the attention of the umpire was very distracted.

Game was on. The batsman was ready. The bowler was also ready. But, the umpire was missing from the field while on the field. Means his attention was somewhere else instead of on the match. The umpire who did this was not a novice or such umpire, but the famous ICC umpire Marais Erasmus.

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Where is the focus of the umpire in the LIVE match?

The 25th over of England’s innings was going on. Cricket fans were surprised to see what happened on the field on the first ball of the same over. The bowler put the ball, the batsman also played the shot. But, during this whole process, the umpire’s attention was seen somewhere else. Umpire Erasmus realized this later, when that one ball was played.

Umpire Erasmus trolled

After this incident, umpire Erasmus got trolled. People started taking a pinch on this matter in their own style. Someone said that he is no longer interested in ODIs. So someone said that he was busy sending messages to Kohli.