Sachin walked out of the field crying, what happened to the Master Blaster?

Sachin Tendulkar narrated such a story, fans became emotional. What happened to Sachin in Pune’s PYC club, shared the video and told the world.

Sachin Tendulkar narrated the story – fans became emotional

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Sachin Tendulkar, who scored 100 centuries in international cricket, ruled world cricket for 2 decades. The world’s big bowlers were seen filling water in front of him, but do you know that Sachin started crying in his first Under-15 match. What happened to Sachin that tears came out of the eyes of the master blaster? Sachin has told its story to the fans. On Wednesday, Sachin shared a video on Twitter in which he mentioned the incident that happened 35 years ago and he still remembers it very well.

Sachin cried after getting out!

Sachin Tendulkar shared the story of his first Under-15 match with the fans. Sachin said, ‘I am standing in the PYC club of Pune. Here I played the first Under-15 match with the Mumbai team. Maybe that match was played in 1986. That is the old pavilion of this ground. I was here on non strike. And Rahul was batting. He was two and a half years older than me and was very quick to run. He had an off drive and pushed me for the third run. At that time I did not have that speed and I was run out. I scored only four runs.

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Sachin further said, ‘I still remember that I went from this ground to the pavilion weeping. It was my first match. I wanted to score runs. Senior players explained to me that forget this match. There will be more opportunities in the future. I have come to this ground after 35 years. I have become a little emotional.