Saira Banu Dilip Kumar: Saira Banu wrote an emotional letter on the first death anniversary of Dilip Sahab, saying – without him my world is empty

Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar

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Saira Banu writes that Dilip Kumar was different from other actors in his personal life. Not a single moment has passed when he is not in front of my eyes.

Veteran Bollywood actor Dilip Sahab is no more with us. In the last year 2021, he left us forever. Dilip Kumar has given many unmatched films like ‘Mughal-e-Azam’, ‘Kranti’, ‘Saudagar’ and ‘Karma’. Dilip Kumar will always be alive in our hearts due to his superb performance and excellent dialogue delivery. Remembering his first death anniversary, Dilip Sahab’s wife and actress Saira Banu has written an emotional letter. Saira Banu (Saira Banu) has written this letter to ‘E Times’. Saira Banu has remembered those moments spent with Dilip Kumar.

Life is incomplete without Dilip Sahab

Saira Banu once again became emotional after remembering Dilip Sahab. Remembering Dilip Kumar, he said- ‘It has been a year since he said goodbye to him (Dilip Kumar). I am trying in vain to move forward every day. Without Dilip sahib my world is meaningless and empty. Not a single day has gone by when I have met people who do not remember them.

How Saira Banu remembered Dilip Kumar

Please tell that Saira Banu has e times This letter has been written to. In this letter, she wrote – I consider myself lucky that I spent 56 years with Yusuf. The whole world knows that from the age of 12, I started loving him. I grew up watching his dreams. I had in my mind that he is the only person who is perfect for me. I knew that many girls wanted to be Mrs. Dilip Kumar, leaving behind whom I was ahead. I was very happy to have him with me, but at the same time I knew that he was not going to give me full attention. He was very dedicated and passionate about his work.

Dilip Kumar was different

Saira writes – He was different from other actors in his personal life. He had respect for the position he had achieved as the country’s first superstar. Saira says that even if someone mentions Dilip Kumar, she cannot hold back her tears. He further wrote – No such moment has passed when he is not in front of my eyes.

Let us tell you that Saira Banu often gets emotional after remembering Dilip Sahab. Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar Bollywood I have done many films together. Both have worked together in many films including Bairag and Gopi, Vidhata.