Salim Khan: Things worsened after the second marriage, Salim Khan managed the family with difficulty

Salim Khan Birthday Special: Veteran writer, director and actor Salim Khan is not dependent on any identity. Salim Khan is celebrating his birthday today.

Salim Khan Birthday: Director, actor and film writer Salim Khan Who does not know (Salim Khan) well. Salim Khan has worked for the entertainment industry for centuries. Salim Khan, the head of the Khan family, is celebrating his 87th birthday today. This occasion is especially special for his children i.e. Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan and both the daughters.

Salim Khan presented his talent in front of everyone by writing films like Sholay, Zanjeer and Mr. India. The stories of the author’s personal life are also very famous. Be it his second marriage or separation from his best friend Javed Akhtar. Today the entire Khan family lives very happily. The whole family is seen standing together on every festival or occasion of happiness. But there was a time when one step of Salim Khan shook the foundation of his house.

In 1980, Salim Khan had a second marriage with Helen. His decision made his first wife Salma Khan and the whole family very angry. This marriage had broken Salma Khan. This had such an impact on her that she became a victim of depression. He himself mentioned this during an interview.

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It was not that Salim Khan did not love Salma, both had married only after dating each other for 5 years. Let me tell you, Salma Khan’s real name was Sushil Charak, she changed her name after marriage. After the second marriage, Salim Khan started giving more of his time to Helen. Because of which even Salman Khan used to be very angry. In an interview, Salmeen Khan had described his second marriage as a beautiful accident.