Salima Mazari: Still included in the hit-list of Taliban, the story of the Afghan governor, told how he saved his life

Salima Mazari Update: Salima Mazari is one of the women in Afghanistan who took up arms against the Taliban. She was the governor of Charkint, a district in the province of Balkh, which is located to the south of Mazar-i-Sharif. Mazari managed to escape from the country and is currently in the US. Earlier in many media reports it was said that she (Salima Mazari) has been captured by the Taliban (Taliban Control). Then after the organization’s occupation of the country, it was believed that he had been murdered. Now a TIME report has claimed that Mazari is alive and that journalists had helped him out from here.

The report said, Zakarya is an Afghan journalist who was living in Afghanistan but moved to Paris during the evacuation operation. He remained in touch with Salima Mazari even after the capture of the Taliban (Salima Mazari Story). Mazari was hiding from the Taliban at that time. Mazari was in the office of the provincial governor, Mohammad Farhad Azimi, when it was learned that Balkh had been captured by the Taliban. That’s when he started getting calls from local fighters from Charkint, who were fighting the Taliban. Then Mazari asked him to keep the weapon.

Entry not found in Uzbekistan

Salima Mazari followed the advice of Mohamed Farhad Azimi and moved with her husband and guards to the city of Haratan, which shares the border with Uzbekistan. He was accompanied by several high-profile leaders including former Vice President Amrullah Saleh, Abdul Rashid Dostum, former Balkh governor and Mujahideen commander Atta Mohammad Noor. Mazari was not allowed to enter Uzbekistan. While some others including Azimi, Noor and Abdul Rashid Dostum got permission. Now the difficulties increased for Mazari, she was included in the hit list of Taliban.

Stayed at relative’s house wearing a burqa

Mazari now wore a burqa and took refuge in a relative’s house (Salima Mazari, Afghanistan Governor). After hiding for two days, she decided to go to Kabul, but she knew that she would have to go through a Taliban checkpoint for this. But she still left for Kabul with her husband and other relatives. Talking to TIME, he said, “Luckily the Taliban fighters could not recognize us. He let us go easily. It was the first day of occupation of the country and they were celebrating.

hand over documents to your friends

Mazari is one of the high-profile people who did not publicly reach Kabul airport for evacuation. She was afraid to trust anyone and was going from house to house to save herself. He sent his documents to friends who had links with the governments of America, Britain, Germany and the Netherlands. One of the documents he sent was Zacharias, who had arrived in Paris a week earlier. Jakarya approached him and asked if he was fine. So Mazari told that she is hiding. Zakarya gave the same information to Canadian journalist Robin.

One day a sudden message came

Robin told his partner about this. Then these people prepared some documents and helped Mazari. Mazari feared that the Taliban might kill him at any time. At the same time, he was also afraid of Pakistan’s interference in the country. But she remained hidden. Finally, on 23 August, a message came to him from the American Rescue Operation Cell. He shared his location and family details. Salima Mazari was accompanied by 13 members of her family. These people were brought to Kabul Airport before the chopper. Then he boarded a US military plane. First they were brought to Qatar and now they are all in America.

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