Salman khan called sajid self-proclaimed Guru on bigg boss weekend ke war

Bigg Boss 16: A lot is going to happen this week in Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss 16. Sreejita Dey has entered the show and she has created a ruckus in the house as soon as she arrives. In a promo of the recently released show, you can see that another member is entering the house through wildcard. In this video of Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman is also seen scolding the contestants.

Salman Khan In the promo video, Vikas gets Manaktala’s entry as a gift to the housemates. As soon as Vikas enters the house, he is seen giving tags to all the contestants one after the other. Along with this, Vikas calls Sajid Khan and Tina Dutta fake. Vikas says about Sajid that, Sajid speaks something else in front and says something else behind. Regarding Archana Gautam, he said that she is a cheater. Vikas does not stop here, he even says that Tina is a decent slave and also questions the relationship between the two.