Salman Khan did not play friendship with Kicha Sudeep, yet Vikrant Rona produced the actor, know the reason …

Salman Khan and Kicha Sudeep

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Vikrant Rona: Kicha Sudeep had discussed with Salman Khan about his film ‘Vikrant Rona’ at the time of ‘Dabangg’. However, there was no further talk about this film at that time.

South star Kicha Sudeep (Kichcha Sudeep) The movie ‘Vikrant Rona’ ,Vikrant Rona, The trailer has been released on Thursday 23 June 2022. Its trailer was launched in Mumbai itself. Salman Khan Films is presenting this film in association with Zee Studios. There were speculations that Salman Khan was present at the trailer launch of this film. (Salman Khan) Will also be present but this was not possible. Kichcha Sudeep’s relationship with Salman Khan is good, seeing that it seemed that he would definitely come for the trailer launch but he did not. When Kicha Sudeep was questioned about this, he told that under the protocol, Salman Khan did not get permission to come here. Salman Khan has also produced this film, about which Kicha Sudeep has said many things.

Salman will not invest in any film without liking the content

Speaking about his relationship with Salman Khan, Kicha Sudeep said, ‘My relationship with him is not like transactional policies.’ When Kichcha was asked if Salman Khan is your friend, that’s why he produced his film? Responding to this, Kichha Sudeep said that, ‘Salman Khan has produced my film not because of friendship but because of the good content of the content. For friendship, he can do cameo, he can dance. His production house is very close to his heart. That is why when Salman Khan heard the concept of this film, he said that he will produce this film. I don’t think he will be associated with our film till he is convinced about the content.

Watch the trailer of the film ‘Vikrant Rona’ here-

Regarding how his friendship with Salman Khan grew stronger over time, he said, ‘I had a discussion with him about this film during Dabangg in reality’. However, nothing of the sort had happened at that time. Later when he saw the clipping of it, after that he got ready.

Salman had shared the teaser of ‘Vikrant Rona’

Last month itself, Salman Khan made headlines when he tweeted the teaser of the film and told Kichcha Sudeep that, ‘I am still shocked by the visuals. And happy to present its Hindi version. The biggest 3D experience in Indian cinema.

Regarding Salman coming on board, Kicha Sudeep said, ‘We did not expect anything else. We just worked hard. We had done our job. He came as a presenter for the film and he is taking a lot of initiatives. Kicha also revealed that he wanted to be in Mumbai during the promotions but due to protocol, he is not here.

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Salman Khan is not present in any public event

For your information, let us tell you that recently a gang had threatened to kill Salman Khan and his father Salim Khan. After which their security was increased. However, he had left for Hyderabad a few days ago for the shooting of his next film, whose pictures also surfaced at that time. But now as per the advice of the police, Salman Khan has tightened the security on the sets and has banned any public appearances.