Salman Khan Video: Vicky Kaushal sidelined by Salman Khan’s security team, video going viral

Salman Khan and Vicky Kaushal

Salman Khan Vicky Kaushal Viral Video: film star Salman Khan His stardom is such that big stars fade in front of him. Wherever he goes, the eyes of the gathering get fixed on him. Recently Salman Khan has reached Abu Dhabi. Now a video is going viral from there, in which Vicky Kaushal is seen being sidelined by Salman’s security personnel.

It is seen in the video going viral that Salman Khan is coming from the front under tight security. There is a lot of crowd in the corridor and everyone’s eyes are on him. On the other hand, Vicky who was earlier taking a selfie with a woman, is pushed aside due to Salman’s arrival.

When Salman Khan comes close to him, Vicky Kaushal says something to him. After this, Salman definitely looks at him but does not give any answer. While Vicky is talking to Salman with respect, his security personnel push Vicky Kaushal aside with his hand and Salman leaves from there.

The video of such act of security personnel with Vicky is now becoming increasingly viral. Many users are seeing it linked to the stardom of Salman Khan. One has written that no matter who you are, when the tiger comes, you will have to clear the way.